How Does Online Quran Learning Help Muslims In Non-Islamic Countries?

Learning and reading Quran once in a lifetime is obligatory for every Muslim individual. In Pakistan, most people send their kids to Madrasas to learn this sacred book. But learning Quran abroad is very difficult, there is no concept of Islamic schools there and no teachers to teach. But now there has been introduced a […]

A Modern Way To Learn Quran

Quran is the holy book of Islam. It is written in Arabic and is the revealed word of Allah (God) to the prophet Muhammad. Quran consists of 114 chapters that are each subdivided into verses. Muslims believe that Quran contains details about every aspect of human life, including spiritual, moral, ethical, and social aspects. With […]

Virtual Learning of Quran In Non-Islamic Countries

Knowledge is a huge part of the religion Islam or any religion for that matter. The Holy Book and the teachings of the Last Prophet motivate us to gain knowledge and to use it. This is important for not only Muslims but for human beings as well to be able to progress and keep evolving on this […]

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