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About Al Falah Academy

We feel blessed to offer online Quran classes for various online Quran courses.Al Falah Academy is a unique online Quran Academy as it is established only for females and children. It is run by the female administration coming from various walks of life, having enthusiasm for learning and teaching Quran. We are committed to play a role through this platform in the sacred cause of spreading the light of Quran. This platform is established to educate female students and children by certified female almiah / hafizah / qariah Quran teachers. We may assign a male Quran tutor to boys under the age of 12 only if required by the parents. Our prime objective is to serve mothers, sisters, daughters and children in their quest for Quranic education without having to interact with men working in management and customer care departments.

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Why Take Online Quran Classes With Us?

Al Falah Academy is a non-partisan Online Quran Academy. Our online Quran courses are based on a sole purpose of teaching Quran with devotion. We are not affiliated with any organization or group. We ensure to provide safe, secure, pleasant, friendly, hassle free, interactive environment for both students and teachers. We do not enroll boys above the age of 12 (exceptions may hold in case of family members studying together). Whereas there is no age restriction for female students to enroll in online Quran classes. We highly encourage professional and working ladies to take up courses like Translation of Quran in order to learn the Divine word of ALLAH in their native language and be mesmerized by the depths of knowledge and heights of wisdom that is entirely inexplicable. For house wives we recommend them to start with Tajweed Course in order to perfect their recitation. After completion of Tajweed, they can gradually move up to learning Quran Translation and Tafseer Ul Quran through our online Quran classes.

The Vital Importance of Online Quran Learning in Modern Life!

Learning the Quran Online: An Essential Necessity in Modern Life.

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