Virtual Learning of Quran In Non-Islamic Countries

Knowledge is a huge part of the religion Islam or any religion for that matter. The Holy Book and the teachings of the Last Prophet motivate us to gain knowledge and to use it. This is important for not only Muslims but for human beings as well to be able to progress and keep evolving on this earth. The truth is we can only really survive if we realize the importance of nature and fellow human beings and the consequences of our actions. This is one of the reasons why gaining knowledge about your surroundings and observing is really important which Islam encourages us to do.

Seeking knowledge is so important in Islam that the very first revelation, that is Surah Al Alaq commanded man to read and expand his knowledge. The Prophet was then taught the great emphasis that Allah had placed on learning and gaining knowledge.

The Holy Prophet himself emphasized on multiple occasions the importance of knowledge. After the battle of Badr, he promised to set the prisoners of war free if they taught Muslim kids for a specific time period. History has shown us through scholars like Al Bukhari that we should work hard and gain knowledge so that we may make this world a better place.

Life of Muslims and role of Quranic teachings

An individual at any point in their life can turn towards the Quran for guidance, and for this one has to understand the Holy Book as well.  From personal conduct to social decisions, they are all listed down in the Quran. We even find directions on how to run a state there. Hadith furthermore provides a clearer meaning of what the Quran teaches. Nowadays, we see on the internet how the tiniest things that Islam tells us are proving to be beneficial for the mind and body. We begin to understand the rights of different groups like women, neighbors, guests, animals. As we gain knowledge of the Quran we start to see why the rules and penalties that Islam lays down are the most beneficial for us.

So, for this reason in this era where we have the ease of gaining knowledge, we should strive towards it. We can turn towards virtual learning for this. This has made gaining knowledge about the Quran and many aspects of Islam very easy to gain. Even in non-Islamic countries where it might not be easy to find a teacher worthy of teaching the Quran. Websites like Learn Quran Academy provide these skillful teachers for this very purpose. They, without any kind of discrimination, provide the best teachers wherever you are in the world and whenever you want.  This makes gaining Islamic knowledge so much easier and more convenient while motivating us to understand the religion deeply.

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