A Modern Way To Learn Quran

Quran is the holy book of Islam. It is written in Arabic and is the revealed word of Allah (God) to the prophet Muhammad. Quran consists of 114 chapters that are each subdivided into verses. Muslims believe that Quran contains details about every aspect of human life, including spiritual, moral, ethical, and social aspects. With such a vast scope, it’s not easy for everyone to learn Quran without any teacher or with the limited time that their work schedule or school schedule may allot. The following article will teach you some ways how to learn Quran online.

The Benefits Of Learning Quran Online

One of the benefits of learning the Quran online is that you will learn at your own pace. You will also customize your course according to your needs and requirements. Another benefit is that you can even learn Quran online if you have access to a computer with an internet connection. It’s easy to create multiple accounts on different websites and subscribe to online videos.

Another benefit of learning the Quran online is that it will help you get rid of any doubts or questions in your mind about the Quran. When you choose to learn Quran without a teacher, there are people around you who will share their knowledge about the holy book with you and make sure that you understand it well. Another advantage is that it helps develop your spirituality by getting closer to Allah (God). This can help bring peace into your life and bring out the best in you.

How To Learn Quran Without A Teacher

– By learning through various translations like English, French, German, etc.

– By learning through audio versions of the Quran like recitation by Hafiz Saeed

– By memorizing single portions of the Quran like Surah Fatiha.

– By contacting virtual Quran academies.

 Audio Versions Of Quranic Recitation

The audio recitations of the Quran are quite popular among Muslims. These recordings come in many different languages and are meant to help people understand the meanings of the Quran, especially when they cannot read Arabic. Like in any other language, there are some differences between a translation and an audio recording. For instance, many translations can omit certain Arab expressions that might be difficult for a non-Arab speaker to understand while still retaining the meaning of the Quran. However, with an audio version of the Quran, it is possible to hear those words used in their original form so that you can understand their meaning more accurately. In addition to this, with an audio version, you get the benefit of hearing how the words sound when they’re pronounced so that you can learn how to pronounce them yourself.

Memorizing Quran.

One of the best ways to learn the Quran is by memorizing it. Memorization is a very effective method in learning the Quran because you can understand the flow of the text, and it doesn’t require any effort on your part. Many ways can be used to memorize Quran, including chanting, listening, or reading them aloud and writing them down on paper.

Virtual Quran Academy

Learn Quran Academy is an online and interactive learning platform for learning Quran. It provides various features to learn and memorize the holy scripture. With Quran Academy, you can discover parts of the Quran like Surah Fatiha or full chapters like Surah Al-Baqara with audio recitation. You can also learn through interactive quizzes and video tutorials.

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